The 28 Greatest Moments In The History Of Sarcasm

    These people are sooo clever.

    1. Siri technically doing exactly what you asked her to do.

    2. That wall hanging you bought for your grandma that she clearly never even read.

    3. This sign that doesn't feel totally necessary.

    4. Listening to your parents, just like they raised you to do.

    5. This billboard that practically dares people to deface it.

    6. The sign that made clear an issue we were already totally clear on.

    7. Brands being a little too positive about a comment you know was not your best work.

    8. This sign that is so sarcastic that it's actually working against itself.

    9. The sign that should have been more specific. Their bad.

    10. The license plate that's at least aware of its irony.

    11. w3c's perfect response to this concerned programmer.

    12. The guy who realized that there's a time and a place for sarcasm. Nailed it.

    13. I mean, if the sign says it, it must be OK. Right?

    14. Making a sign is like making a wish. You have to be way more specific.

    15. You should probably keep an eye on your syntax as well.

    16. This hurricane survivor's message of gratitude for the tireless efforts of his insurance company.

    17. The sign so repetitive, it's just begging to be vandalized. The sign so repetitive, it's just begging to be vandalized.

    18. Wasting Away's note to his helpful, unwitting nutritionist.

    19. The return of Clippy where you'd least expect him.

    20. The victim of lunch theft that's essentially just inviting you to steal his lunch.

    21. The guy who DID ask for an explanation.

    22. The sign that rightly apologized.

    23. This college student whose stick figure game is on point.

    24. This guy who did the math.

    25. This earnest interaction between two people on the same page.

    26. This corner store that is proudly up to code.

    27. A third-grader who is bring sarcastic at a sixth-grade level.

    28. This teacher who will never make that typo again.