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    The 25 Best Parts About Being From Maine

    "The way life should be."

    1. You only really need to buy one outfit for the rest of your life.

    2. We have, by far, the best demonym of any state:

    3. Maine is the only state that borders only one state, so we’re not contaminated like the rest of those filthy state-touchers.

    4. We're also one of the only states with just one area code, so that's one less thing we have to worry about remembering.

    5. We know what seasons actually feel like.

    6. Not that we're any good at dressing for them though.

    7. Sometimes we just split the difference.

    8. We're used to terrible weather.

    9. We don't lose our minds over a little snow.

    10. But also those weird times when it's not.

    11. This guy gets it.

    12. People in Maine have tougher decisions to make than the rest of the country.

    13. We're all totally unfazed by a giant boot cruising down the highway.

    14. People from Maine are safer drivers, because we don't text when we drive.

    15. People living in Portland learn how to park the hard way.

    16. Maine is home to some of the best breweries around.

    17. And some of the not so best!

    18. Things are often charmingly quaint.

    19. Like, SUPER quaint.

    20. Like, "we have stores that sell guns, wedding gowns, and cold beer" quaint.

    21. We may not see eye to eye with Massachusetts on a lot of things, but there’s definitely one thing we agree on.

    22. Ice fishing!

    23. One thing people in Maine have never had to worry about? Deadly spiders.

    24. There's a reason that Maine's unofficial motto is "the way life should be."

    25. And of course...