The 25 Best Parts About Being From Maine

"The way life should be."

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5. We know what seasons actually feel like.


You're not one of these coddled Southerners, with their scorching hot summers and their mild winters with nothing in between. In Maine, we're proud of our seasons. (If only we could figure out a way to keep the other New Englanders out during Autumn.)

6. Not that we're any good at dressing for them though.


There's just something about a 45º day in October that's different than a 45º day in April. You know if when you feel it.

13. We're all totally unfazed by a giant boot cruising down the highway.


Living in Maine prepares you for this sort of thing. Sometimes it's a giant boot, sometimes it's a monster truck that looks like a lobster. You just sort of get used to it after a while.

14. People from Maine are safer drivers, because we don't text when we drive.


Because we can't! There are a lot of perils when you drive on I-95 (ice, moose, etc.), but getting a call or text while you're driving isn't one of them.

15. People living in Portland learn how to park the hard way.


When you've had to deal with stuff like this your whole life, driving and parking anywhere else in the world is a breeze.

17. And some of the not so best!

It might taste like trash, but it's our trash.

24. There's a reason that Maine's unofficial motto is "the way life should be."


Beautiful lighthouses overlooking stunning vistas, Sprawling national parks, azure seas meeting majestic mountains... if you were a space realtor trying to convince a friendly family of aliens to move to Earth, you'd show them pictures of Maine.