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The 22 Saddest Moments From Kids Movies

Get the tissues ready.

1. When Mufasa died:

2. When Bambi found out what happened to his mother:

3. The end of the opening montage in "Up":

4. When Shadow taught Chance how to say goodbye:

5. When Artax sunk into the Swamp of Sadness:

6. When Widow Tweed left Tod behind:

7. When Quasimodo was humiliated in front of all of Paris:

8. When Littlefoot said goodbye to his mom:

9. The Brave Little Toaster's short friendship with a flower:

10. When the Iron Giant became Superman:

11. When Milo and Otis were separated:

12. When Wilbur met Charlotte's babies:

13. The funeral scene from "My Girl":

14. When Farmer Hoggett gave Babe his approval:

15. When Fievel and Tanya sang to one another:

16. When Boo and Sully said goodbye:

17. When Woody and Buzz met their fate:

18. When Belle fell in love with Beast:

19. When Anne-Marie and Charlie said goodbye:

20. Dumbo shared a moment with his mom:

21. When Casper finally danced with Kat:

22. Pretty much all of "The Little Princess":