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Posted on Oct 4, 2013

The 22 Easiest Ways To Destroy Any Friendship

"Come over and play board games!" they said. "It'll be fun!"

1. When someone doesn't pay attention during the rules:


2. Sticking to the edges in Battleship:

3. Or worse:

4. Drop one of these in Uno:

5. Make up bunk definitions for bunk words in Scrabble:

6. Or lay down a bingo immediately after someone lays down a bingo:

7. When you get the sense that your "friends" and "loved" ones are sending you subtle messages on the board:

8. Ugh. Dick move:


9. Stop asking. Nobody is interested:


10. When people broadcast their feelings:

11. When someone cuts off your longest road:

12. Pretty much anytime a 7 gets rolled in Catan:


13. Or worse yet:

14. Preventing a monopoly out of pure spite:

15. That moment when it becomes abundantly clear that one person is going to win at Monopoly:

16. Then flipping the board:


17. Actually, you know what? Just stop playing Monopoly:


The only way to win at Monopoly is to not play.

18. Cut off someone's trans-continental railroad in Ticket to Ride:

19. Stack villages and use them back-to-back in Dominion:

20. When you use a swindler, and realize that you can only make your opponent take the card they already had:


21. When someone knows they're not going to win, and spends the rest of the game trying to take you down:

22. Just starting a game of Risk at all:

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