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    The 0 Most Appropriate Times To Correct Someone's Grammar

    Hint: It's never appropriate. Don't be that guy.

    1. When they're announcing the death of a friend:

    2. When they're cryptically hinting about harming themselves:

    3. When they're wishing you a good night:

    4. When they're contemplating suicide:

    5. Wehn thyer ginog uot fo thire wya to vahe dba grmmara:

    6. Then they're trying to have cybersex with you:

    7. When they ask you to stop:

    8. When they're beyond saving:

    9. When they're having family troubles:

    10. When they're trying to express their love:

    11. When they're correcting someone else who was correcting someone else who was correcting someone else:

    12. When their father just passed away:

    13. When they texted the wrong number:

    14. When their grandpa is in the hospital:

    15. When they're already really upset with you:

    16. When they're trying to do something nice for you: