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    21 Times Things Got Too Real Too Fast

    More reasons why it's good to take things slowly...and why they probably should have stopped after Home Alone 2.

    1. When a beloved film franchise gets an unexpected sequel.

    2. When Raphael took all the fun out of ordering a pizza.

    3. When these bugs added insult to injury.

    4. When this congregation followed Katy Perry through to her logical conclusion.

    5. When he gives you that look 20 minutes into rolling in the dirt.

    6. The time Barbara went medieval on their asses.

    7. When Janet got the last laugh.

    8. The time bubble tea came on a little too strongly.

    9. When Kevin Mack had the worst birthday ever. (His first one.)

    10. When WebMD suddenly made you WAY more worried about your symptoms.

    11. That time Bilbo had a really rough day.

    12. The time this woman should have probably taken the bus.

    13. This horrifying peek into Coffee Dad's tragic life.

    14. The time this reporter found the angle everyone else missed.

    15. That time Jesus didn't know how to get out the conversation.

    16. When you suddenly regretted ever sharing your pizza.

    17. The time Adam and Eve missed this chapter.

    18. When Gregory finally got his moment.

    19. That time she should have gotten off of Myspace.

    20. The real reason you didn't get the job as an ASL interpreter.

    21. And that time Santa was a little too eager for the holidays.