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36 Test Answers That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Please see me after class.

1. I mean, that's ONE definition:

2. Burn!

3. Fair point:

4. A misogynist in the making:

5. I'm going to have to check this movie out. Sounds interesting:

6. I don't know?! You asked the question:

7. Warren's got a healthy sense of perspective:

8. Technically correct:

9. We can dream:

10. You can't blame someone for finding a loophole:

11. Correct answer:

12. This is the only beer law I studied:

13. You shall not pass:

14. If history is any indication, he's sadly correct:

15. Still aced it though:

16. You're gonna have to be a lot more specific:

17. Calculate for elephant:

18. This kid is good at following instruction. Too good:

19. Regular Bill Nye we've got here:

20. Very funny, Peter:

21. Teacher can't handle harsh truths:

22. Nailed it:

23. Are we talking about the same Civil War?

24. I don't know enough about history to fact check this, but it sounds right:

25. Makes sense to me:

26. The simplest answer is usually the best one. Except in this case:

27. This kid needs a robust backstory before he can start any test:

28. I think you studied from the wrong book:

29. Devastatingly accurate:

30. Who are you to deny their love?

31. All I see is a page of correct answers:

32. This kid is going places:

33. Someone get this kid a medical degree:

34. Fact: Giraffes are monsters:

35. Clever:

36. The "see me after class" on this one seems a little inappropriate: