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    23 Privileges You Short People Have That Us Tall People Don’t

    Check your privilege, short stack.

    1. Finding a bed you can stretch out on:

    2. Hearing people at a party:

    3. Not standing out in a crowd:

    4. Seeing out a plane window:

    5. Or just finding a seat on a plane you can fit in:

    6. Taking a shower:

    7. Taking a bath:

    8. Hitting the right buttons on these:

    9. Putting your legs under tables:

    10. Being able to tell when a light turns green:

    11. Seeing yourself in a mirror:

    12. Walking down a sidewalk:

    13. Being in a group photo without crouching or being cropped out:

    14. Sitting comfortably through a sporting event:

    15. Drinking from a water fountain without making an ass of yourself:

    16. Doing pretty much anything without making an ass of yourself:

    17. Making it through an entire visit to the grocery store without being made to help someone reach something:

    18. Sitting through a presentation without being a nuisance:

    19. Sitting through a presentation without bruising:

    20. Wearing dresses that fit:

    21. Wearing dress shirts that fit:

    22. Fitting a weekend’s worth of clothing into a weekend bag:

    23. And just making it through the day without a minor concussion: