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    18 Surefire Methods For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

    For those of you who need all the help you can get.

    1. Remember to give yourself time to put yourself together:

    2. If this doesn't get out of bed, nothing will:

    3. Never ask your friends to wake you up:

    4. And never let the snooze button get the better of you:

    5. Be gentle on yourself. You're not going to be in a great mood:

    6. If gentle reminders don't work, try this:

    7. Of course, it could be totally out of your control:

    8. Good luck snoozing through this:

    9. Or this:

    10. Or this:

    11. Or even just this:

    12. And if all that fails:

    13. Even if you do manage to get out of bed, it never hurts to set a few reminders for the rest of your life:

    14. Like taking your birth control:

    15. Or getting some exercise:

    16. Just remember, if Frodo can do it...

    17. ...And Harry can do it...

    18. ...And Daryl can do it, you can do it.