13 Lessons Space Ghost Taught Us About Being A Great Music Journalist

I’ll never figure out why Space Ghost didn’t end up at Rolling Stone.

1. Always do plenty of research, and come to any interview prepared.

Cartoon Network / Via youtube.com

2. Never disrespect the person you’re interviewing. They took the time to be there, and you should appreciate that.


3. It’s OK to make mistakes, but a consummate professional is never caught unprepared.


4. Always allow the artists an opportunity to promote their new or upcoming project.


5. Never step on toes, or break the rhythm of the interview.


6. Try to find something to relate with your guest about. This will help break the ice and lead to a more natural interview.

7. Don’t be afraid to scrutinize. You never know where you’re going to find the story.


8. Always be calm, clear, and coherent. Nothing puts an artist at ease quicker than The Three Cs.


9. Avoid making quick judgements or criticisms during the interview.

Cartoon Network / Via maybenotidontcare.tumblr.com

10. Keep your guest engaged, and make them feel included. Remember, you’re interviewing them, not the other way around.


11. Know when to abort. If an interview is not going well, it’s OK to cut it off early.

Cartoon Network / Via brattneyspears.tumblr.com

12. Don’t alienate your guest. There’s no room for snark or sarcasm during an interview.


13. Never interview Beck. He just speaks nonsense.


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