30 People Who Are So Good And Pure That We Don't Deserve Them

    We all need this.

    1. This boy who knows the value of his smile:

    2. This dog-dad who was excited to see his wife and this dog who was excited to see his mommy:

    3. This dad who made a new friend in Peru:

    4. These besties who finally got to meet IRL:

    5. This father who has been waiting years for this moment:

    6. This very good boy (and his dog):

    7. This dad who wants to make sure his kid grows up to be an art lover:

    8. Comedian Josh Johnson:

    9. This sushi chef with a flair for portraits and making new friends:

    10. John and Schoep, two best friends for life:

    11. This kid who wants to share his interests instead of acting as a gatekeeper:

    12. These strangers just trying to brighten the world:

    13. These sweet birthday boys:

    14. Chicken Nugget's dutiful midwife:

    15. Super-reviewer Norel Pride:

    16. This loving father who pays attention to the little things:

    17. Florida's newest resident, Tipper B.:

    18. This woman who gets to meet this very good boy each new day:

    19. Cameron:

    20. This happy couple:

    21. These busy counselors:

    22. This loving widower:

    23. These drinking buddies:

    24. This adorable doting husband:

    25. This new friend with serious baking skills:

    26. The entire staff of Powhatan High:

    27. This woman's Oscar-nominated friends:

    28. This literal angel, spreading joy wherever she goes:

    29. This new uncle:

    30. And of course, this extremely cool dad: