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    The 24 Smoothest Moves In The History Of The Game

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which is why it's so incredibly important to lead with your convoluted pickup line about pet insurance.

    1. Maintaining a playful attitude about vision disorders.

    2. Always having a solid backup plan.

    3. Not being afraid to get a little flashy with your profile pic.

    4. Testing the waters with some playful role-playing.

    5. Showing off your sensitive side.

    6. Knowing how to anticipate curves.

    7. Looking for opportunities to try out some hot new material.

    8. Introducing them to your parents right off the bat.

    9. Knowing how to anticipate their every desire.

    10. Having a STRONG opener.

    11. Bringing up how well-educated you are.

    12. Using coded language to discuss sensitive topics like income...

    13. ...and religion.

    14. Spicing things up with some saucy pillow talk.

    15. Knowing when to bow out respectfully.

    16. Trying to bring the conversation back to sex, no matter how much of a stretch it is.

    17. Being open and honest.

    18. Setting reasonable expectations.

    19. Keeping them humble.

    20. Celebrating the little successes.

    21. Trying to engage them on their hobbies and interests.

    22. Making sure you're interested in the same things.

    23. Regularly assessing how you think things are going.

    24. And most importantly, trying your best not to be too clingy and/or their dad.

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