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    30 Signs You've Been Working Too Hard

    Nothing makes your work suffer more than when you push yourself too hard. Someone remind me to put in the second part of the description.

    1. You're easily distracted:


    2. You can't accomplish the most basic tasks:

    3. You stop reading after the first word:

    4. Nuance is lost on you:

    5. You stop paying attention to details:

    6. You get more and more forgetful:

    7. You lose sight of the big picture:

    8. You never get through your task list:

    9. You start phoning it in:

    10. You fail at basic problem-solving:

    11. You fail to impart your knowledge onto others:

    12. You stop caring about the work you're doing:


    13. You don't stick to your mission statement:

    14. You start to lose your zeal:

    15. You start taking more shortcuts:

    16. You stop proofreading:

    17. Nothing makes sense to you anymore:


    18. When something is "good enough":

    19. You don't notice when you make mistakes:

    20. You do things wrong just to see if you can get away with them:



    24. You get ahead of yourself:

    25. You can't quite figure out how things are supposed to fit together:

    26. You become complacent:

    27. You take take things too literally:

    28. You actively try to upset others:

    29. You have no initiative:

    30. You just completely stop trying:


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