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20 Baby Animals Who Are Too Smol

Way too smol! Send them all back.

1. Big eyes. Otherwise way too smol.

2. Snake? More like snk. Too smol!


3. 2 smol 2 care.

4. A very smol annoyance.

5. He smol.


6. She smol. / Via

7. They smol.

8. Smolctopus.

9. Bugs are supposed to be smol. Not this smol tho. Way too smol.

10. Smol and slo.

11. Smol and hop.

12. Smol and wiggle.

13. If you can fit in a sink, you too smol. / Via

14. No! Too smol for jumps!


15. Hippos are big, not smol. Send it back.


16. Kangaroo too smol. Somersault too smol.


17. Either that orange is too big, or that lizard too smol.

18. Pigs aren't supposed to be shorter than grass. Way too smol. / Via

19. The kitten? Fine. Standard size. The bow tie? Too smol.

20. I can tell you're proud, but I'm sorry, that's just WAY too smol.