59 Rob Liefeld Characters Drawn By Other Artists

This is what happens when you put fifty-nine of Rob Liefeld’s over-the-top ’90s hero heroes into the hands of currently working Brazilian artists. You may not recognize any of them without all the pouches and massive shoulder pads, but they’re definitely Liefeld’s.

1. Wylder by Adriano Batista

2. Warchild by Felipe Watanabe

3. Vogue by Pietro Antognioni

4. Vanguard by Magno Costa

5. Twilight by Thiago Soares

6. Troll by Ronaldo Barata

9. Task by Germán Peralta

11. Supreme by Thiago Martins

12. Suprema by Eduardo Schaal

13. Sundance by Diego Munhoz

14. Knightsaber by Roger Cruz and Marcelo Maiolo

15. Strong Arm by Jefferson Costa

16. Stasis by Nestablo Ramos

17. Smash by Gustavo Duarte

21. Seahawk by Renato Guedes and Marcelo Maiolo

22. Rubble by Magenta King

23. Roman by Marc Fields and Olojam

24. Riptide by Marcelo DiChiara

27. Photon by Arthur Fujita

28. Overt-kill by Ale Araujo and Ronaldo Barata

32. Kodiak by Marcelo Castro

33. Knightmare by Alexander Santos

35. Johnny Panic by Rafael de Latorre

36. Glory by Amilcar Pinna

38. Dutch by Eduardo Ferigato

39. Doc Rocket by Leonardo Conceição

40. Diehard II by Alcimar Frazão

41. DieHard by Caio Majado

42. Dash by Paulo and Caio Majado

43. Crucible by Mauro Salgado

44. Cougar by Marcelo Costa

45. Combat by Anderson Nascimento

46. Colonel Bravo by Leo Gibran

47. Coldsnap by Bruno Del Ray

48. Charade by Wesley Iguti

50. Cabbot by Daniel Rosini

51. Bootleg by Breno Tamura

53. Bloodwulf by André Rocca

56. Badrock by Weberson Santiago

57. Badrock by Ronan Cliquet

58. Avengelyne by Alexandre Shibao

59. Atlas by Octavio Cariello

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