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34 Reasons Vermont Is The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Honestly though, you're not going to need that much convincing.

1. Autumn and Winter in Waitsfield

2. The rivers of East Arlington

3. Shelburne Farms

4. The views in Saint Johnsbury

5. Pretty much all of Burlington

6. Wilson Castle

7. The Shelburne Museum

8. The Ben & Jerry's Factory in Waterbury

9. The varied scenery of Brattleboro

10. Winter in Pittsford

11. The shores of Fair Haven

12. Sunset in Saint Albans

13. The serenity of Fairlee

14. The gorge at Quechee State Park

15. Summer mornings in Coolidge Park

16. Pretty much all of Richmond

17. Echo Lake in Tyson

18. The quaint buildings of Strafford

19. Hope Cemetery in Barre

20. The covered bridges in Hartland

21. The panoramic views from the Green Mountains

22. The seclusion of Putney

23. The rivers of Middlebury

24. Reflections in Cornwall

25. Manchester Center

26. Anywhere and everywhere near Salisbury

27. The quaint sights and sounds of Montpelier

28. Spending time with loved ones at The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe

29. The majesty of Lake Willoughby

30. The grandeur of Mount Independence

31. The Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury

32. The Rock of Ages Quarry in Barre

33. The Church Street Marketplace in Burlington

34. And of course...