35 Reasons New England Is Way Better Than Regular England

    Your move, OLD England.

    1. Maine has stunning views from Cadillac Mountain. New England: 1 England: 0

    2. We've got Point Judith in Rhode Island.

    3. How many cog railways are there in England? Cause there's a pretty nice one on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

    4. Sure, England has farms. But are they as nice as Shelburne Farms in Vermont?

    5. Are the skies in England as bright and clear as they are in the Berkshires in Massachusetts?

    6. Not only is Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island beautiful, they make great beer too!

    7. Sherwood Forest is so 1200. Now the forests of East Haddam, Connecticut... that's where it's at.

    8. Oh, England is an island? That's cool. We have an island too... Monhegan Island in Maine.

    9. And Rhode Island... which isn't technically an island. Doesn't seem to bother anyone in Galilee too much though.

    10. Hey, what are highways in England like? Cause here's the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire.

    11. Look how awesome the gorges of Quechee State Park, VT are. JUST LOOK.

    12. And the sunsets in Cape Cod, MA.

    13. England has castles, yeah. But Connecticut's castle game is pretty on point too. Gillette Castle is proof.

    14. Coos Canyon, Maine looks incredible year-round.

    15. The ocean views in Newport, Rhode Island can't be beat.

    16. Look! Foxes! They just run around Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire like it's no big deal.

    17. We've got Mount Independence in Vermont. England probably has, like, Mount Constitutional Monarchy or something.

    18. Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts can grow a mean apple.

    19. Remind me again... is Meriden in Connecticut, or England?

    20. Places in England sometimes have pretty unique names. Well guess what. We've got unique names too. Just look at Quoddy Head State Park in Maine.

    21. Look how great the views are in Block Island, Rhode Island! You can see for miles!

    22. Huntington Ravine, New Hampshire is like something out of an outdoor adventure magazine.

    23. I hear England can get pretty gray and dreary. Woodstock, Vermont, on the other hand, can get pretty colorful.


    25. Is anything in England as idyllic as Sleeping Giant State Park in Connecticut?

    26. Or as bucolic as Portland Head Light in Maine?

    27. England has it's own Warwick, but I bet it's not half as lovely as Warwick, Rhode Island.

    28. Just look at how crisp and clear the waters are in Diana's Baths in Bartlett, NH.

    29. And how vibrant the flora is in Methuen, Massachusetts.

    30. The only thing better than the pizza in Mystic, Connecticut is the seaport.

    31. Want to get away from it all? Just go to Lake Megunticook in Maine.

    32. English sunsets have nothing on Mt. Hope Bay, Rhode Island.

    33. Does England even have lakes? Cause New England does. Like Newfound Lake in New Hampshire.

    34. How about waterfalls? Cause you'll never see any nicer than Screw Auger Falls in Maine.