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    24 Reasons Kids Should Never Be Left Alone With Their Dads

    Dads are pretty much just giant children. You wouldn't let giant children watch your kids, would you?

    1. They'll insist on choosing the kids' outfits for the day.

    2. They'll help the kids discover exciting new foods.

    3. They'll use a marker to fill out their kids' eyebrows. You know, to make them more expressive.

    4. They're big fans of the fake-out feeding method.

    5. They'll insist on saving money by doing the kids' haircuts themselves.

    6. They'll make their daughters pose for photos like this:

    7. They'll teach their kids the OTHER definition of this word:

    8. Their priorities aren't always where they should be.

    9. There's no idea too dumb to try at least once.

    10. They're more than happy to get ice cream with the kids.

    11. They mix up pajama day and picture day.

    12. They'll SAY they're writing "Batman."

    13. They're not always totally sure what is okay for a baby to eat and what's not.

    14. They'll take the baby to the locker room for the post-game celebration.

    15. They're happy to show their daughters some creative uses for raisins.

    16. Can't find the car seat? No problem!

    17. They fail to realize why you should never keep markers near computers.

    18. They'll show their daughters how perfectly doll clothes fit on their pet lizards.

    19. They'll insist on getting their money's worth with the label maker.

    20. They'll "help" the kids put away their books.

    21. This seemed like an acceptable afternoon snack.

    22. They'll teach kids about anatomy. Maybe before they're ready.

    23. They give kids access to markers and dalmatians.

    24. They calm kids down by showing them how to take selfies.