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28 People Who Are Too Good And Too Pure For This World

Good. We all needed this.

1. This new uncle who dresses to impress:

2. This kindhearted neighbor (and fan of Liszt):

3. This rad lady who can still hang:

4. This dad and his new alpaca friend:

5. This sweet, good boy AND his dog:

6. This sushi chef who just loves meeting new people:

7. Michael, the lime lover:

8. This boy who wants more people to love the things he's passionate about, not fewer:

9. This good sport:

10. These good, gentle, art-loving boys:

11. Norel and his excellent selfies:

12. Tipper B., who proves you should meet your heroes:

13. Cameron and his Pulitzer-worthy smile:

14. Anthony Freeman (both of them):

15. These cat counselors:

16. Ben's best friends, and yes, Ben as well:

17. These fly dudes who all look fresh as hell:

18. These new drinking buddies:

19. This dog lover who just wants his best friend to know how much the internet loves and appreciates him:

20. This quiet kid who knows that the quickest way to his new friends' hearts is through their stomachs:

21. This very good friend who, frankly, looks pretty good in booty shorts:

22. This guy who loves deeper than any of us could ever hope to:

23. These friends who know that everyone deserves to look good while they're eating pizza:

24. This person whose life is filled with so much positivity:

25. This baby who just travels around town blessing people with her smile and pure, untainted goodness:

26. This supportive mom:

27. This cool dad:

28. And of course, President Barack Obama: