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Updated on Jul 19, 2019. Posted on May 8, 2017

28 People Who Are Too Good And Too Pure For This World

Good. We all needed this.

1. This new uncle who dresses to impress:

2. This kindhearted neighbor (and fan of Liszt):

3. This rad lady who can still hang:

4. This dad and his new alpaca friend:

5. This sweet, good boy AND his dog:

6. This sushi chef who just loves meeting new people:

7. Michael, the lime lover:

8. This boy who wants more people to love the things he's passionate about, not fewer:

9. This good sport:

10. These good, gentle, art-loving boys:

11. Norel and his excellent selfies:

12. Tipper B., who proves you should meet your heroes:

13. Cameron and his Pulitzer-worthy smile:

14. Anthony Freeman (both of them):

15. These cat counselors:

16. Ben's best friends, and yes, Ben as well:

17. These fly dudes who all look fresh as hell:

18. These new drinking buddies:

19. This dog lover who just wants his best friend to know how much the internet loves and appreciates him:

20. This quiet kid who knows that the quickest way to his new friends' hearts is through their stomachs:

21. This very good friend who, frankly, looks pretty good in booty shorts:

22. This guy who loves deeper than any of us could ever hope to:

23. These friends who know that everyone deserves to look good while they're eating pizza:

24. This person whose life is filled with so much positivity:

25. This baby who just travels around town blessing people with her smile and pure, untainted goodness:

26. This supportive mom:

27. This cool dad:

28. And of course, President Barack Obama:

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