23 Problems Every Golfer Will Understand

    Jack Nicklaus once said "the game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical." What he meant to say was "the game of golf is 90% mental and 10% mental."

    1. You’ll hit a 30-yard wide fairway 20% of the time. You’ll hit a 3-inch wide branch 80% of the time.

    2. When the group in front of you gets held up.

    3. Trying to find your ball, and finding this marker instead:

    4. Always getting this close to a hole-in-one.

    5. Deep, deep sand traps.

    6. Trying to putt on aerated greens...

    7. Dozens of separate thoughts going through your mind during your swing.

    8. Missing a put by a fraction of an inch, then watching your ball roll into the bunker.

    9. You’ll only manage to hole a 30-foot putt when it’s for a 10.

    10. When you sink a birdie, and immediately follow it up with two bogeys.

    11. You’ll make 90% of your gimme shots. You’ll make 100% of the scoops you do after you miss your gimme shots.

    12. You always have a great game right when a storm is rolling in.

    13. Trying to remember if you shot a 6 or a 7, then being told you shot a 9.

    14. Whenever you make par:

    15. Your trophy shelf is filled with these:

    16. You’ve heard a lot of golf tips, but this one is the only one that always works.

    17. Of all the rules in golf, this is the hardest one to follow.

    18. Making that hard decision to play it as it lies.

    19. Not realizing you were about to hit a mushroom until after you’ve set up your shot and addressed the ball.

    20. Losing so many balls that this seems like a better solution:

    21. Your first tee shot of the day. Every day.

    22. Emptying your pockets at the end of the day.

    23. And you know the only really good way to improve your game.