23 Pictures You Should Never SnapChat

Sometimes six seconds is six seconds too long. Even though the pictures disappear in mere moments, there are still some photos that just don’t need to be SnapChatted.

1. Your beauty routine:

3. What you do alone in the bathroom:

4. Your three smiles:

5. Your “getting laid” shoes:

6. Your twerk team:

7. Whatever this is:

8. Your friends painted like cholas:

9. Your YOLO impression:

10. Yah sexy face:

11. PS - This is what it looks like when you do that:

14. Your pets doing something wildly illegal:

15. Your cool new glasses:

16. Anything when you’ve been drinking:

18. Yourself in bed with some pussy:

19. What you enjoy smoking:

21. Your party tricks:

22. Your misappropriation of historical monstrosities:

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