How Well Do You Know Fictional Languages?

“Valar morghulis, Luke.” –Gandalf

  1. What elegant race does this language belong to?
    1. The human language, High Valyrian.
    2. The language of those who came before, High Speech.
    1. The elvish language, Quenya.
    2. The dwarvish language, Khuzdul.
  1. What rough section of space is responsible for this language?
    1. Romulan
    2. Tusken
    1. Old Tongue
    2. Klingon
  1. Can you recognize this powerful tongue?
    1. Orcish
    2. Dothraki
    1. Huttese
    2. Ferengi
  1. What's the name of this language you probably wouldn't want to hear in a dark alley?
    1. Sith, language of the Dark Jedi.
    2. Aklo, language of the Old Gods.
    1. Daedric, language of the Demons.
    2. Gargish, language of the Gargoyles.
  1. What's this language from long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?
    1. Mando’a
    2. Toydarian
    1. Rodian
    2. Ithorian
  1. What language is this, citizen?
    1. Kryptonian
    2. Atlantean
    1. Galactic Standard
    2. Newspeak
  1. What playful language is being spoken in the clip above?
    1. Minion
    2. Simlish
    1. Jawa
    2. Fairy
  1. Do you recognize this idyllic dialogue?
    1. Hylian
    2. D’ni
    1. Na´vi
    2. Vulcan
  1. What villainous language was that?
    1. Parseltongue
    2. Dark Speech
    1. Draugr
    2. Dragonspeak

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