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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    22 People Who Had An Even Worse Morning Than You

    Have a hard time getting out of bed this morning? At least you're not these people.

    1. The girl who woke up next to a terrifying plastic likeness of her boyfriend's head.

    2. The girl whose snooze button was replaced with a mousetrap.

    3. Anyone who woke up to firecrackers going off...

    4. ...or bottle rockets...

    5. ...or water boarding.

    6. This guy whose helpful friends tried to help him wake up.

    7. These kids whose loving father scarred them for life.

    8. This girl who got some help getting up from some chainsaw-toting rednecks.

    9. This girl who wasn't specific about how she wanted to be woken up.

    10. Or pretty much anyone who falls asleep in a car.

    11. The guy whose friends can convince him to do anything right after waking up.

    12. This girl who woke up woefully underprepared for a snowball fight.

    13. This girl who made the mistake of falling asleep next to a tiny pool.

    14. This guy who found himself waking up to the sound of an air horn.

    15. This guy who found himself waking up to the sound of an air horn UNDER a side table.

    16. This guy who is usually really into guitar music, but not so much this morning for some reason.

    17. This guy who's just not having it.

    18. This guy who thought it'd be a good idea to take a nap outside.

    19. This guy who was rudely woken up (but got swift revenge).

    20. This girl who didn't know she was in a water balloon fight.

    21. This girl who doesn't appreciate her boyfriends taste in music.

    22. This guy who made friends with the wrong horse.

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