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26 People Who Are Too Stupid For Their Own Good

Humans have always been the most powerful, intelligent, and tenacious creatures on the planet. What happened to us?

1. People who want to #bringourgirlshome from Niagara Falls:

2. The 12,000 people who like "Konfu Panda”:

3. Anyone who saw The Parent Trap and wondered what happened to Lindsay Lohan’s British twin:

4. Anyone who doesn’t capitalize their status updates properly:

5. ~*Kimber*~

6. Millennials:

7. People who forget the reason for the season:

8. This guy (and his mom):

9. People who post one-time-use codes on Twitter:

10. This guy’s boss:

11. These five people:

12. People who don’t know how tents works:

13. Generation Y:

14. This kid, and her mom:

15. People who don’t understand day and night cycles:

16. And these 17 people:

17. Whoever makes Game of War - Fire Age:

18. People who post this image on Instagram:

19. This guy, who apparently doesn’t understand Roman numerals AND thinks “vagina” is spelled with an “f”:

20. This confounded couch potato:

21. Gymnasts visiting Holocaust memorials:

22. And historic fountains:

23. One Direction fans:

24. Anyone who thinks elevators are stupid for having a button for the floor they’re on:

25. Whoever is in charge of deciding what is and what is not breaking news:

26. And anyone who fell for this: