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32 People Who Are Having A Really Rough Day

Things could be worse. Much, much worse.

1. This guy who tried to take a shortcut through the wet cement:

2. This dude who just realized his landlord is a crook:

3. These girls when they look at this photo:

4. The entire state of Ohio:

5. These clumsy parents:

6. These mountain bikers who didn't realize there was a tricky curve there:

7. This person whose present was a real letdown:

8. This guy:

9. And this likely culprit:

10. This person whose X-Acto thief keeps menacing them:

11. The residents of Rockford, Ill.:

12. This bride who thought it'd be a good idea to have a photo shoot with live penguins:

13. Abigail when she turns 12 and realizes the mistake she's made:

14. This dude who thought he was getting a warm welcome on his first day back to work:

15. This woman who had clearly never been to Florida before:

16. The people trying to enjoy this outdoor wedding ceremony:

17. This drunk pizza-orderer:

18. The girl who thought she was getting an iPad Mini for her birthday:

19. This girl who wore the wrong shirt on picture day:

20. This guy's mayor:

21. The person who got stuck on this elevator:

22. Anyone who gets surprised with cancer:

23. This girl who didn't realize she was using a cat bed as a purse:

24. This guy who was very specific about his dietary restrictions:

25. This guy who made the mistake of falling asleep around his talented Snapchatting friends:

26. The victims of this Halloween prank:

27. And this one:

28. Jon Hamm:

29. This dude who can't skate and deliver coffee at the same time:

30. The victim of this fake-out:

31. This dog who can't figure out how glass tables work:

32. This cat who just realized a terrible truth:

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