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    16 Panorama Shots Gone Horribly Wrong


    1. Keep any dogs out of your shot:

    2. Especially corgis:

    3. Never attempt a vertical panorama on your own:

    4. Make sure your friends aren't easily distracted:

    5. Case in point:

    6. "Please... kill me":

    7. Keep your eyes straight and focused:

    8. Trust me, eyes forward:

    9. Some animals might not survive the panorama process, like these two-legged horses:

    10. And the dreaded catipede:

    11. Make sure to stay still until the panorama is finished:

    12. Even if you think you're out of the shot:

    13. Even the slightest movement will ruin a panorama:

    14. Make sure not to move the camera too quickly:

    15. Especially when the subject is close to the camera:

    16. Warning: Panorama shots can lead to unexpected breaks in the space-time continuum.