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The 24 Worst Parts Of Having Older Siblings

Being the baby has its downsides. Being referred to as "the baby" your whole life, for instance.

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1. You could never do anything without your siblings getting in the way.

2. Your parents never got your name right on the first try.

3. And when you didn't see certain family for a while, they always mistook you for your older sibling.

4. You were always the last one to reach any personal milestone.

5. You got hand-me-down everything: clothes, cars, school supplies...everything.

6. Your older siblings would never pass up an opportunity to embarrass or annoy you.

7. You were always the one who had to try something first.

8. Everything was picked over by the time it got to you.

9. It never felt like your parents were really paying attention to you.

10. No venue was too public for a shouting match.

11. If you had older brothers, you know exactly what a sleeper hold, choke hold, and armlock feels like.

12. You learned the hard way that asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission.

13. You were referred to as "the baby" until you hit puberty. Then after puberty as well.

14. You were never safe. Ever.

15. But on the plus side, your parents couldn’t be bothered when you did something wrong.

16. Older siblings think they're sooo funny.

17. It was always tough for any new person you were dating.

18. You always felt the warm support only an older sibling could provide.

19. Can you feel the love?

20. If you had older sisters in particular, you definitely had a few makeovers growing up.

21. Older siblings meant you definitely couldn't have nice things.

22. But you also knew how to elevate a conflict, when you needed to.

23. You never had a real babysitter. Both a blessing and a curse.

24. You always had to be Player 2. If you had two older siblings, you just had sit and watch.

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