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32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

If these are the future leaders of tomorrow, I think the world is going to be just fine.

1. The time they contemplated the mental health of sea coral.

2. The time they got a history lesson from a bottle of soap.

3. The time they supported our troops.

4. The time they figured out the greatest marketing campaign of all time.

5. The time they really made you think about your own origins.

6. The time they coined a really useful new adage.

7. The time they taught you about the Degenerative Cubism epidemic.


8. The time they actually made Nickelback lyrics seem clever.


9. The time they failed to really think this through.


10. The time they made us confront our own scars, and it was a huge letdown.


11. The time they summed up what a boner is.


12. The time they came up with the best Star Trek joke ever.


13. The time they remembered that one British actor everyone loves.


14. The time they updated the Bard for modern audiences.


15. The time they used the European's pronunciation of Van Gogh against them.


16. The time they failed to realize that not everyone is on the same page re: "pusillanimous."

17. The time they went down with the ship.

18. The time they made it to third base.

19. The time you didn't even notice until you read it again.

20. The time they made you feel sorry for a person that doesn't even exist.

21. The time that they really thought about their key demographic.

22. The time they took their doctor's advice.

23. The time they came up with the greatest move in the history of moves.

24. The time they made you wish you were more careful about what you wish for.

25. The time they came up with the best theme for a party.

26. The time they pranked their friend by replacing "no" with "pecan pie" in their autocorrect.

27. The time they used Greek mythology to put things in perspective.

28. The time they made you regret not paying more attention to that whole "Kony 2012" thing.

29. The time they just started naming numbers that already exist.

30. The time they came up with the more inspirational pun ever.

31. The time they made your mundane life seem so much more bad ass than it actually is.

32. The time they knew exactly what you meant, pervert.

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