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Posted on May 22, 2014

The 28 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened

Keep Portland weird. Okay, slow down. Not that weird.

1. Celebrating Portlandia.

2. Hating Portlandia.

3. The great shedding of the flyers after a big rain storm:

4. The pro-passive-aggressiveness bumper sticker that both is and isn't passive-aggressive:

5. That time a bunch of dogs signed up for gym memberships in January and then never showed up:

6. Lines outside Voodoo Doughnut:

7. Complaining about lines outside Voodoo Doughnut:

8. The budding author that is just happy someone showed some interest in his first draft:

9. Some of the very finest trash talking in professional basketball:

10. Leprechauns holding high-level meetings at the only reasonable place to hold high-level meetings in Portland:

11. Inflatable mascots who are really excited about piercings despite the inherent irony of the situation:

12. Whatever is happening in this sequence of photos:

13. Christmas trees that subscribe to the same lifestyle as you:

14. The opossum who took a quick trip to Home Depot to buy some succulents:

15. That time a Portland mom finally had her worst fears realized:

16. Protesters who are broccoli, but also want you to eat more broccoli?

17. Conscientious police officers:

18. Hula hoop commuters:

19. Shoppers keeping the spirit of the Oregon Trail alive:

20. People who take the "serve" part of "protect and serve" a little too far:

21. Artisan butchers running amok:

22. Cats who are really enthusiastic about their tall bikes and will spend like 20 minutes at the bar telling you about the advantages of going "double-frame":

23. Thrilling breaking news stories like this pulse-pounder:

24. One very confused guy with a full voicemail inbox:

25. That one woman who can't go anywhere without her spinning wheel cause she's THIS close to finishing the sweater she's knitting for her cat:


26. Buddhists who insist on renaming their streets without getting approval from the city first:


27. The guy who is single-handedly keeping the bumper sticker industry alive:

28. An entire population that sort of just needs to get over themselves already:

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