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    23 Occasions That Don't Call For A Selfie

    Can we all just agree that we should all finish up in the bathroom BEFORE we pull out our phones and start taking pictures.

    1. Washing your hands with Grandpa.

    2. Anytime that requires this many tags.

    3. A family member's funeral.

    4. Drinking a Rockstar.

    5. Blowing out your candles WHILE your family tries to take your picture.

    6. Running onto the field at the College Baseball World Series.


    (PS - She got a $1500 fine for this selfie. Totally worth it.)

    7. Not realizing that you're standing in front of a one-way mirror.

    8. Being a cat and hanging out with friends.

    9. Getting caught in the riots in Turkey.

    10. Being a poster for Superman Returns.

    11. Wasting perfectly good chocolate sauce.


    12. Buying a new lawnmower.

    13. Realizing your thumb looks like a reality TV star.

    14. Running into that rapper your kids like at the airport.

    15. Realizing you have the 'v'.


    16. Finishing a workout with your grandma.

    17. Using the restroom.


    18. Finding two dogs having sex.


    19. Almost getting beaned by a fly ball.

    20. Running into Nicolas Cage at his worst moment.

    21. Your baby having a fit.

    22. Your little sister being grumpy.

    23. Getting high for the first time.

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