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    27 Occasions That Definitely Call For Cake

    There's never a wrong time to have some cake.

    1. Being basic.

    2. Baby showers.

    3. Tendering your resignation.

    4. Reminding others that you appreciate their friendship.

    5. Reminding your Canadian friends how great America is on Canada Day.

    6. A co-workers last day.

    7. Having some extra foam and frosting laying around.

    8. Interventions.

    9. Spelling your name with two L's and two T's.

    10. Graduation! Complete with graduation cat.


    You did say you wanted a cat on the picture, right?

    11. Your first birthday away from friends and family.

    12. Someone's 21st birth– BLAARG!

    13. Reminding your kids where they came from.

    14. Your mom's 60th birthday. (She really, really likes cake.)

    15. Being too lazy to bake a cake.

    16. Starting your menstrual cycle.

    17. Turning 20, and by default, beating teen pregnancy.

    18. A very matter-of-fact birthday celebration.

    19. A successful hysterectomy.

    20. An intern's last day.

    21. Not being able to find a place that sells cake on your buddy's birthday.

    22. Throwing elbows in your sleep.

    23. Using employee get-togethers to remind them about the finer points of company policies.

    24. Falling in front of others. (Specifically, 15 others.)

    25. Being too tired to deal with cake right now.

    26. Condolences over one's junk.

    27. ???