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29 Incredible Photos Of New York 7 Years Ago Compared To Today

Sometimes the whole world can change around you and you don't even notice.

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1. Broadway and Fulton

2. Cooper Union

3. Broadway and 9th

4. Madison Square Park

5. Broadway and 24th

6. Union Square

7. City Hall

8. The Standard and The High Line Park

9. Lafayette and Spring

10. Astor Place

11. Brooklyn Bowl

12. Kent and 7th, Brooklyn

13. Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

14. Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

15. Bedford and 8th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

16. The Barclays Center, Brooklyn

17. 17th and Broadway

18. Battery Park City

19. St. Patrick's Cathedral

20. The Juilliard School

21. 72nd and Amsterdam

22. 14th and 9th

23. River and Metropolitan, Brooklyn

24. Times Square

25. DUMBO, Brooklyn

26. 4th and Bowery

27. Houston and Bowery

28. 13th and Greenwich

29. Entrance to the High Line

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