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35 Music Experiences You'll Never Have Again

Kids these days will never know the joy of going to the record store to buy music on an inferior medium from a man who hates you.

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2. Memorizing a list of songs under two minutes so you have something for the end of the mix tape.

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There are only so many times you can end a side with Ween's "Push th' Little Daisies" before your crush starts to notice.

3. Holding your tape recorder up to your TV to record an MTV video premiere.

That way, you could listen to a crappy, lo-fi cut of Michael Jackson's "Scream" for DAYS before the single was released.

13. Making the case to your parents for why the explicit tag doesn't count in this case.

"No! Seriously, mom. It's not going to corrupt me. It's tasteful swearing. They're making a statement."

15. Having long discussion about which side you liked better.


"Air Side is great. Nobody is saying it's not. But if I was stranded on a desert island and only got to listen to one side, it'd be Metal Side. Hands down."

19. It was way easier to judge your friends' tastes when you could see their collection.

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You displayed your Tori Amos album by your Agent Orange album so people knew you were sensitive but edgy.

31. Sometimes your only option was to go to the FYE in the mall.


It's clear now, in no uncertain terms, that FYE is directly responsible for the entire world suddenly deciding that we can't have record stores anymore.

33. Going to a concert without staring out over a sea of cell phones.

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Cool, that terrible cell phone footage you took is going to look and sound great when you show it to literally nobody ever.

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