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The 29 Most Important Face Swaps Of All Time

Some day in the distant future, an archeologist is going to find these and is going to be very, very confused.

1. A young horse feeds a majestic girl with her mouth:

2. Justine Swift and Taylor Bieber – The cutest lesbian couple you've ever seen:

3. All-star basketball player basketball dunks a Michael Jordan:

4. A proud Native American chief poses in his tie-dye ironic teen t-shirt:

5. Jim Beasly and Pam Halpert from The Office:

6. A heroic cat saves a terrified firefighter from a burning building:

7. Taylor Styles and Harry Swift go out for a stroll:

8. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Bieber meets teenage pop idol Stephen Harper:

9. Olympic gymanst Barack Obama meets President McKayla Maroney:

10. A daring catfish catches a man-sized river man:

11. The accidental face swap... the most elusive face swap of them all:

12. An adorable toddler chases his dad down the street:

13. An infant introduces her mom to the pool for the first time:

14. Anne Gyllenhaal and Jake Hathaway on the cover of Entertainment Weekly:

15. Chandler Gellar and Monica Bing from Friends:

16. Ice-C and Toto visit a topless beach:

17. Prince Ariel and Eric meet for the first time:

18. A young Santa Clause cries as a precocious old man runs out of the shot:

19. Two identical twins swap faces... I think...

20. A housebear cozies up with a friendly black cat:

21. A darling young couple of windmills visit the countryside:

22. Robotics expert Wall-E shows off his latest creation:

23. A couple of fitness enthusiasts leave the gym:

24. A confused young father holds his sinister baby:

25. Squidward is shocked by how handsome Patrick is:

26. Miley Hemsworth and Liam Cyrus spotted in the public:

27. A young woman and her friend ball pass around a human head:

28. An iPhone takes a selfie with his human man:

29. ?????