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20 Great Ideas That Ended In The Worst Possible Way

Pride comes before a fall. And every now and then, pride also comes before accidentally setting someone on fire.

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1. Where she went wrong: Did things out of order. Need to stick the landing THEN pose. / Via

2. Where she went wrong: Assumed the bus shelter could keep her safe.

3. Where he went wrong: Hubris.

4. Where he went wrong: Parkouring with face is an advanced move that should only be attempted by professionals.

5. Where he went wrong: Invited a literal monster along for golf.

6. What went wrong: Gravity.

7. Where he went wrong: 17/18ths is good, but not good enough.

8. Where they went wrong: Didn’t account for his natural showmanship.

9. Where he went wrong: He got cocky. (DO YOU GET IT?!)

10. Where he went wrong: Underestimated his body's innate gymnastic instincts.

11. Where he went wrong: Stopped pedaling.

12. Where he went wrong: Failing to read the important pool rule about avoiding high-speed collisions.

13. Where he went wrong: Not reading the instructions about how to use a saddle.

14. Where he went wrong: Should have never stepped on to the scooter if he couldn’t handle the raw power.

15. Where they went wrong: Failed to account for human error.

16. Where she went wrong: Went down with the ship.

17. Where he went wrong: Ever agreeing to this in the first place.

18. Where he went wrong: Excessive celebration.

19. Where he went wrong: Convincing himself it’d be easier to just do it all in one trip.

20. What went wrong: Everything.

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