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18 Times Mario Kart Was The Worst Fucking Game Ever Made

God damn that blue shell.

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1. When this first place racer takes out both a blue shell and a red shell with one well-placed horn blast:

2. When even three red shells can't protect you from coming in 11th place:

3. When you get banana sniped from across the course:

4. When you make one little mistake, and keep paying for it over and over again:

5. When you shoot a green shell perfectly and they still manage to dodge it:

6. When Luigi decides to sacrifice his protection shell to take you the fuck out:

7. When Link stunts his way to a first place finish:

8. Or when Link literally blasts a blue shell out of the air with his Master Sword which IS SOMETHING HE CAN APPARENTLY DO?!?!?!

9. When you're winning until a red shell puts its thing down, flips it, and reverses it:

10. When Dry Bowser dodges an expertly aimed green shell by millimeters:

11. When Wario hits you with that star power-up over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

12. When Rosalina looks you dead in the eyes as she spins past your sorry ass and across the finish line:

13. When that damned sign stops your red shell dead in its tracks:

14. When an unstoppable force hits an immovable object:

15. When a damn Cheep Cheep takes a bullet for the first place racer:

16. When the world's greatest sniper hits you with a green shell mid-jump to clinch the win:

17. When your own horn stabs you in the back:

18. When the guy who has been in third place the whole race goes wild with his bananas at the last possible moment:

19. When Luigi doesn't give a SHIT about your weak-ass red shell:

20. And of course, this fucking bridge:

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