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    17 Jokes Only “Lord Of The Rings” Fans Will Get

    Listen, J.R.R. Tolkien... you're off to a good start. But Tumblr has some thoughts about how you can improve your iconic series just a bit.

    1. Boom. Just saved you 11 ½ hours of watching and countless hours of reading.

    2. Helping Faramir solve the riddle of Cirith Ungol.

    3. Appending the title of The Hobbit to include the subtitle "A Wet, Wild Journey".

    4. The unofficial prequel to The Hobbit.

    5. Thranduil: The world's proudest dad.

    6. The legend of Greenleaf Greenleaf.

    7. Going with Tolkien's original title, The Hobbit: 12 Dwarves Learning About How Keys Work.

    8. Fool Elrond once, shame on you. Fool Elrond twice, shame on Elrond. Fool Elrond a third time, fuck it we're throwing the ring in a god damned volcano.

    9. Wow. That is an unexpected journey.

    10. How do you think he got the title "Master Burglar"?

    11. The forgotten '70s covers of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books.

    12. Sir, are you aware you look like a cat?

    13. This trilogy would have been over a lot quicker if Frodo didn't have the window in his kitchen.

    14. Thorin climbs nearly 90 degree angles to lick the Arkenstone deposits off of the Lonely Mountain.

    15. The only instance of "YOLO" being used appropriately.

    16. Smaug really is the full package.

    17. Shit, imagine being an orc and this being the last thing you see before an elvish arrow takes you down.