The 13 Coolest Things Commander Chris Hadfield Taught Us About Living In Space

    I hereby nominate Commander Hadfield for president of space. Or maybe Prime Minister of space, since he's Canadian.

    1. When you clip your nails in space, you have to do it right over an air duct to keep the clipped nails from flying all over the place.

    2. When making sandwiches, astronauts use tortillas instead of bread because tortillas don't create crumbs.

    3. When you brush your teeth in space, the only way to get rid of the toothpaste when you're finished is to swallow it.

    4. Astronauts have specially designed barf bags to keep vomit totally contained when they get sick.

    5. You can't use any water when shaving, so astronauts use a specially designed shaving cream that helps keep the whiskers from floating away.

    6. There's pretty much only one option for haircuts in space, and there's a specially designed hair clipper on the ISS attached to a vacuum to keep hair from floating away.

    7. Desserts in space mostly come in pudding form packed in pouches, like this chocolate pudding cake.

    8. Vegetables (like this spinach) come in dehydrated packs, and require rehydration from a special machine before eating.

    9. Washing your hands without a sink requires a pre-packaged pouch of soapy water that you just squirt out and rub on your hands.

    10. You have to be REALLY careful when you open a can of mixed nuts in space.

    11. Sleeping in space requires special tethered sleeping bags in little sleeping compartments so you don't float all over the place.

    12. You should avoid crying in space, because the tears just sorta hang on your face and are a pain to deal with.

    13. Wringing out a soaked washcloth in space doesn't really do much.