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The 17 Greatest Love Notes From Kids

Kids express the darndest deep, meaningful emotions.

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1. Smart AND charming? What a catch!

2. Is that a threat?

3. Maybe a little desperate? But it's still pretty endearing.


4. This kid is going places. (Mars.)

5. Holy Gwockomoly! That's a lot of compliments.

6. This is actually a very healthy emotional reaction.

7. You'd take it as a compliment if you had any idea how much this kid loves cows.

8. Tragically accurate.

9. This kid's not easily impressed.

10. Truly heartfelt. Er– buttfelt... I guess.

11. Needs to work on the spelling a bit, but the sentiment is there.

12. This is serious, guys.


13. Jonas here is using a technique called "negging." You'd be surprised how well it works.

14. Ah, the direct approach. Bold.

15. Visuals definitely help.

16. You can express your love without committing to someone.

17. Seems cryptic, but that mystery keeps you guessing. Very intriguing.

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