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    13 Horror Manga From Japan That Will Fuck You Up

    Junji Ito will introduce you to phobias you didn't even though you had.

    Warning: Junji Ito's art and subject matter can be disturbing for some people. Like, really, super disturbing. Scroll down at your own risk. It gets pretty heinous pretty fast.

    1. “The Enigma of Amigara Fault” from Gyo: Volume 2

    Junji Ito / Via

    After a big earthquake shears a mountain in half, a series of odd human-shaped holes are discovered inside the fault. The citizens of a nearby town begin to investigate the holes, and start to discover that each of them has a hole that fits them perfectly... so perfectly that the draw of climbing in becomes irresistible.

    Don't read it if... you've ever started to feel so obsessed with something that you began to worry that you were losing control of yourself a little bit. Oh, and if you've ever stretched so hard that you pulled something.

    2. "Army of One” a bonus issue in Hellstar Remina

    Junji Ito / Via

    Someone or something is killing people and stringing them up in nightmarish public displays of mutilation. But as the body count grows higher and higher, it becomes clear that this isn't the work of one or two killers, but a huge and deadly conspiracy that might be impossible to hide from.

    Don't read it if... piercings gross you out.

    3. Uzumaki

    Junji Ito / Via

    A small town becomes obsessed with spirals and two clear-headed teenagers need to find a way to break the curse that is slowly driving their friends and family mad without letting the spirals infect them as well.

    Don't read it if... you get dizzy easily.

    4. "Glyceride" from Voices in the Dark

    Junji Ito / Via

    Puberty is tough on any kid, but when you live above your family's barbecue shop–and everything in your life is coated in a sheet of thick, yellow grease–it's even harder. For the girl in this story, there's just no escaping her greasy, oily existence.

    Don't read it if... you don't understand the appeal of "popping" videos.

    5. "Tomio: Red Turtleneck" from The Shard of Evil

    Junji Ito / Via

    After cheating on his girlfriend, Tomio is cursed by an evil witch and is forced to hold his head in place with a once-white turtleneck, a lot of upper body strength, and a whole lot of willpower.

    Don't read it if... someone has ever told you that "you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached" or if you can't pull off a boldly colored turtleneck in the fall.

    6. "Dissection Girl" from The Shard of Evil

    Junji Ito / Via

    Since he was a kid, long before he went to medical school to become a surgeon, Tatsuro has put up with his friend Ruriko's obsession with being dissected. He spends his whole life thwarting her advances, until he becomes a professor of medicine late in his life.

    Don't read it if... you've ever felt one of those really deep itches that you just can't seem to scratch.

    7. "Group Suicide" from Black Paradox

    Junji Ito / Via

    Four despondent students form a suicide pact with one another, and drive off into the woods to follow through with their plans. On the way, they begin to learn a little bit more about one another until everything goes completely off the rails.

    Don't read it if... you've ever wondered if anybody would actually miss you if you were gone.

    8. "Splatter Film" from New Voices In The Dark

    Junji Ito / Via

    After a friend brings home a mysterious jar of special honey from the jungles of South America, a group of friends become obsessed with tasting it. Then things get a little... explodey.

    Don't read it if... you've ever felt a little nervous trying some exotic new food from a place you're not familiar with.

    9. Tomie

    Junji Ito / Via

    A beautiful young woman is killed brutally, but mysteriously reappears at school the following day. After tempting her teachers and schoolmates, they turn on her and kill her again, but it just never seems to stick. They soon discover that there may be more to the beautiful young Tomie than meets the eye.

    Don't read it if... you're intimidated by beautiful people.

    10. Gyo

    Junji Ito / Via

    All the creatures of the sea begin to sprout strange mechanical legs and take to the surface to menace the people of Japan, including a predatory great white shark. As the fish die out, the odd mechanical walking devices start to look for new organic hosts in the streets of Tokyo.

    Don't read it if... you feel a deep sense of dread when you're swimming in the ocean and have no idea what might be lurking in the dark depths beneath you.

    11. The Town Without Streets

    Junji Ito / Via

    A mysterious shanty town pops up overnight among the dense streets of a large metropolitan area. The townsfolk attempt to dismantle the new structures, but they're just rebuilt even bigger the next day. Instead, the townspeople adapt, and form new walking highways through former homes and businesses, eliminating any sense of privacy they may have once enjoyed. Contributing to this sense of being watched are mysterious peepholes popping up everywhere among the twisting corridors of the new city within a city.

    Don't read it if... you ever worry that someone might be secretly spying on you through the webcam on your computer.

    12. "Mold" from The Junji Ito Horror Comic Collection: Vol. 7

    Junji Ito / Via

    A man returns home from a year abroad to discover that his subtenants have abandoned his home and left a moldy, rotten mess in their wake. As he cleans up his house and hunts down his former tenants, he discovers that his mold problem has spread into the far corners of his home.

    Don't read it if... you get yucked out when you need to clean out your fridge and you find a months-old Tupperware in the back with something so old and rotten that you can't even tell what it is anymore.

    13. "Fixed Face"

    Junji Ito / Via

    A young woman goes to the orthodontist for a routine check-up, and he's excited to use a sophisticated new jaw analysis machine on her that requires she be locked in to prevent her from moving at all during the test. When the doctor steps out for a moment and has an accident, she becomes trapped in the machine, just out of earshot of the other doctors and nurses who might be able to help her.

    Don't read it if... you feel a little antsy when a doctor hooks you up to a device that requires you to stay as still as possible, like an MRI machine.