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John Barrowman Is Really Good At Posing For Comic Con Photos

There's only one word that can describe Barrowman's posing prowess: Intimate. Also, maybe "junior prom."

1. @behappy_i_: "I'm awesome and you're jealous!"

2. @arapaima27: "A copy of our John Barrowman picture. I still can't believe we met him!"

3. @going4dawin: "Yeah I took the photo :P"

4. @brahmjot_kaur: "Met John Barrowman <3"

5. @strawintogold: "I grabbed John Barrowman's ass. Yep. That happened."

6. @shutupkristen: "Can we talk about how John Barrowman is the fiercest and how I didn't prompt him to grab my leg- he decided he wanted to? Cause I kind of wanna talk about it."

7. @juliaa_star: "I look like a potato but that's okay because John Barrowman"

8. @chipchickcom: "Another awkward family photo #awkward"

9. @jessica_marie904: "Absolutely thrilled with this photo with #JohnBarrowman @team_barrowman. It's like my smile couldn't get any bigger."

10. @sfarrell821: "Photo op with John Barrowman #AMAZING"

11. @sammykilljoy: "Me and #JohnBarrowman at #NYCC"

12. @michelleamoreno: "With my love @johnscotbarrowman"

13. @maskykiki: "Yayayayay @Team_Barrowman"

14. @kyla_ashlyn: "#JohnBarrowman!!!!!! :) <3"

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