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    16 Awards Everyone In Their Late Twenties Deserves

    This one's for all the Ryans and Jessicas out there.

    1. For tirelessly sifting through a thousand scam "Free Credit Report" sites and coming out with an actual number.

    2. For surprising even yourself by saying "just one more" and actually meaning it.

    3. For taking real, positive steps to rid your body of toxins (whatever those are).

    4. For sitting through four different stilted readings of 1 Corinthians 13 and surviving.

    5. For fierce courage in the face of a slightly later school night than usual.

    6. For courageously emailing that dude from HR and telling him you didn't pay attention in the all-hands meeting about it.

    7. For getting $800 back from Federal and $27.50 from State.

    8. For leaving your roommate almost enough for a half-glass tomorrow.

    9. For bravery and tenacity in the face of GrubHub.

    10. For looking that smarmy gym employee square in the eyes and saying: "I have literally never stepped inside this place before."

    11. For gritting your teeth and drinking yourself to a place where it stopped mattering.

    12. For being able to proudly stand with your forefathers and say, "No! It's not a NORSBORG. I got it at West Elm."

    13. For determination, grit, and a slightly worrying number of trips to the bathroom in a 48-hour period.

    14. For reclaiming your lost youth (and leaving before anyone got any bad ideas about a second encore).

    15. For distracting yourself with Candy Crush just long enough to fall asleep in your clothes.

    16. And for fearless honesty, integrity, and class.