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18 Reminders That Things Could Be Worse

Maybe things will get better, but until then, remind yourself that it could be worse.

Sure, things may not seem so great, but just remember...

1. At least talking to a newspaper reporter wasn't the most socializing you've done this week. 😓

2. At least the whole internet hasn't seen you trip and fall over on Google Street View. 😳

3. At least you didn't pour yourself a bowl of cereal before you bothered to check if you had any milk. 😡

4. At least you didn't perform for a crowd of zero. 😩

5. At least you haven't gotten too big for your favorite place to take a nap. 😢

6. At least you haven't had to fill in your own answer for this question. 😭

7. At least you haven't tried to play fetch with a bronze statue today. 😣

8. Or tried to stash your cotton candy in a little pool to keep it safe. 😰

9. At least you haven't had to admit any hard truths today. 😶

10. At least you haven't had to face finishing your favorite book. 😞

11. At least you haven't realized that your best friend might outgrow you someday. 😕

12. At least you didn't have to just sit and watch as your life's work crumbled down around your feet. 😦

13. At least you didn't ruin your upholstery and miss out on your favorite drink all at one time. 😱

14. At least you're not .8% ravioli. 😐

15. At least your food diary isn't validating your poor lifestyle choices. 💀

16. At least you didn't find a handmade pot you made for your mom when you were young at a thrift store. 😔

17. At least you didn't get caught really getting up in David's junk. 😳

18. And if you're still feeling down, just please remember that you didn't have a fleeting, meaningful, missed connection with a dog today. 😿