26 Issues The United States Are Not Totally United On

A wise man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” He was full of crap.

1. Which state we think is the best:

(We definitely seem to agree on the worst, though.)

2. What kind of porn we like:

According to Pornhub.com, these are the most popular search terms on their site by state. Interesting choice, Kentucky.

3. How we pronounce “caramel”:

4. Whether or not we circumcise our babies:

5. How often we’re hitting deer:

6. Our favorite local food chains:

7. How many other states we share a border with:

8. What our second language is:

9. Which kind of car we like to buy the most of:

10. Whether or not we require a front license plate on our cars:

Blue: Only rear plate required.
Red: Both front and rear plates required.
Pink: Only rear plate required for some passenger vehicles.

11. Our favorite actor:

12. Whether or not gay people can get married:

13. Whether or not Johnny Cash has visited us:

14. Whether we say “‘Merica” or “‘Murica” on Twitter:

15. How much we like to drink:

Or, rather, keep people from drinking.

16. Which NFL team we root for:

17. How often we claim to see UFOs each year:

18. Whether the right to bear arms is more important than the right to vote:

19. Which city we think is the most influential:

20. Which religion we follow:

21. Whether it’s important to have more food or more booze:

22. What we name our babies:

23. Where our TV shows take place:

24. What we call our moving bodies of water:

Derek Watkins / Via highcountrynews.tumblr.com

25. Which mammal we feel best represents us:

26. Whether or not we prefer slaw on our dogs:

(West Virginia only.)

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