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    24 Inspirational Quotes From Gordon Ramsay To Get You Through The Day

    If the world is getting you down, just remember the words of Gordon Ramsay. You donkey.

    1. When you're dealing with somebody that isn't living up to their potential:

    Via / Fox TV

    2. When someone betrays your trust:

    3. When you're feeling depressed, just remember:

    4. When someone around you won't stop bragging:

    5. When you're doing anything that requires a delicate touch:

    6. When people make you mad. Fucking mad.

    7. When you're straight-up done dealing with somebody:

    8. While effective, yelling isn't always the answer:

    9. When someone won't get out of your goddamned way:

    10. When you just totally give up on someone:

    11. When you're done putting up with somebody's whining:

    (Bandana gets it.)

    12. When you're feeling down about your gender:

    13. Or when you forget how big your bollocks are meant to be:

    Via / Fox TV

    (They should be about the size of a profiterole.)

    14. When you just get sick of dealing with shit:

    15. When you know you're about to stir some shit up:

    16. When you have to deal with somebody who is exceptionally incompetent:

    17. When you're not getting the recognition you deserve:

    18. When you feel like you can't handle it:

    Via / Fox TV

    19. When someone tries to feed you some bullshit:

    Via / Fox TV

    20. When you're not feeling focused enough:

    Via / Fox TV

    21. When you feel like you're starting to doubt yourself:

    22. When someone tries to tear you down:

    Via / Fox TV

    23. When life tries to get the better of you:

    24. And if anyone tries anything at all, put them in their place:

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