21 Incredible Altered "Magic: The Gathering" Cards

    Magic: The Gathering cards are already beautiful. These are art.

    1. Altering MTG cards can be as easy as pushing the existing art past the normal edges of the card.

    2. (Sometimes WAY past the normal edges.)

    3. Or completing the scene that was started by the original artist.

    4. Alterers can give common cards an artistic flair.

    5. And not every common card gets the same treatment.

    6. MTG alterers can even push their alterations into the third dimension.

    7. Alterers will often even paint right over the card's description.

    8. Even just a subtle edge painting can really bring a card to the next level.

    9. Simple mana cards become works of art.

    10. "Hymn to Tourach" pushed to the limits of the card.

    11. "Riku of Two Reflections" expanded.

    And altered to make the card three dimensions.

    And a Japanese version of the card given the abstract, Picasso treatment.

    12. "Rakdos, Lord of Riots" with art leaking into the description and title plaques.

    13. "Firewing Phoenix" bursting past its boundaries.

    14. The "Fiend Hunter" fells a beast in the card's foreground.

    15. "Stormbreath Dragon" with some added electricity.

    16. "Champion of the Parish" becomes champion of the Jedi order.

    17. "Benthic Giant" made as menacing as he's meant to be.

    18. A life counter created from a "Pulling Teeth" card.

    19. The "Waterveil Cavern" becomes a place you'd actually want to visit someday.

    20. A plain old "Mountain" mana card gets a disgusting, fantastic Adventure Time makeover.

    21. And of course...