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    14 Animals That Perfectly Express Your Relationship With Food

    Admit it, you beg for pizza way more often than your pets do.

    1. The feeling after you've already had three slices, but there's just one slice left and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

    2. How you look when someone offers you a taco, but you say "no thanks, I just ate" and immediately regret it.

    3. The face you make when you ask "hey, you gonna finish that?"

    4. The distant longing you feel while you're waiting for your friends to ask if you want a slice.

    5. How you look taking that first bite of cake.

    6. Where you can be found moments after getting a company-wide email saying there are free cookies in the kitchen.

    7. That knowing look when you shouldn't eat that cupcake, but are certain you will end up doing it anyway.

    8. When it's your birthday and all decorum just goes out the window.

    9. The sorry look in your eyes when you're off carbs and someone tears into a bagel in front of you.

    10. The way you perk up when you hear someone nearby eating potato chips.

    11. What you look like when you decide to just have a taste of the frosting.

    12. When your buddy orders pizza and you play it cool and act super nonchalant.

    13. When someone looks like they're finishing up breakfast but still has a slice of bacon left on their plate.

    14. The face you make when you're tired of all the games and you're ready to just eat the leftover trash right out of someone's hand.