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Jul 20, 2013

Hyundai's Latest Model Is Built To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Finally, a major car company is taking the threat of zombie apocalypse seriously. Let's get these bad boys on the assembly line ASAP, Hyundai.

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Introducing the 3-Door Hyundai Veloster - Zombie Killer Edition:

Erin La Rosa

A spokesperson at Hyundai had this to say: "The Veloster Turbo is perfect for the zombie apocalypse-- a couple of reasons: speed, obviously, being a turbo, lightweight. it's a 3 door car, so the third door actually gives easy in easy out access for all the weaponry we've got on this thing."

The car isn't street legal in any form, and it can't be driven off the floor of SDCC. (Unless zombies decimate San Diego, obviously.)

Erin La Rosa

You know, cause of the bumper-mounted chainsaws, hood-mounted guns, and turret on top.

Ankle level blades, spikes, and chainsaws ensure that no zombies will slow you down as you're fleeing major population centers.

Erin La Rosa

On top of the car is a fully articulated turret that turns in 360 degrees.

Erin La Rosa

There's even an interchangeable piece on the turret, so you can put a flame thrower up there, for example.

Electrified barbed wire over the windows keeps out any zombies or curious entertainment reporters.

Erin La Rosa

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