21 People Making The Most Of This Gift Called Life

    There go our heroes. Watch them as they go.

    1. This suitcase and its matching human.

    2. This future superhero. (Villain? TBD)

    3. The gifted students of Miss Julie's kindergarten class...

    4. ...and the equally creative kids at Havenview Primary School.

    5. This kid who knows exactly what he would do if the Pilgrims showed up at his door on Thanksgiving.

    6. Blake? Nah. His brother Cash Money.

    7. Curt.

    8. This future homecoming king.

    9. This scientist putting your valuable research spending to good use.

    10. This guy who simply can't be stopped.

    11. This handsome bodybuilder and his handsy girlfriend.

    12. This pet owner who may be taking things just a *little* too far.

    13. This golden-armed glory.

    14. This energetic but totally misguided mascot, may he rest in peace.

    15. This free-throw shooter, whose feel for the game is even better than he himself can imagine.

    16. This shirtless genius, who makes your snacking habits look pathetic by comparison.

    17. This woman who flew too close to the sun on wings of breadsticks.

    18. This kid, who has bent the world to his will.

    19. This guy who knows his priorities are with his clan.

    20. This guy who won the match before he even stepped in the ring.

    21. ...and Harrison.