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18 Questions Americans Have For French People

What do you call french fries? Or french toast? And what do you say when you accidentally swear? "Pardon my English"?

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1. Why do you like warm water so much?

2. And hate air conditioning?

3. Why do you INSIST on such tiny meals?

4. What's wrong with your tacos?

5. How do you manage to fit in such tiny cars?

6. Why does the whole country shut down on Sunday?

7. What's a crêpe? Do you mean tortilla?

8. And why is your bread so damn crusty?

9. You know about salad, right?

10. You really have a thing for Nutella, don't you?

11. What's going on with your keyboard?

12. What have you done to the Roman alphabet?

13. And the numerical system?

14. How do you feel about being associated with Pret A Manger?

15. What are you trying to say?

16. You know there's already something called "poutine", right?

17. Do you like spoiled milk? Because that's how you get spoiled milk.

18. And finally, why are you so obsessed with apple tea?